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Michelle DeChene
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Featured Skills
  1. Extensive Network
    Strategic Professional Network in the United States and in the Global Social Marketplace
  2. Social Media
    Social Media Savvy with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, AIRS, Bay Area Software Engineer BASE Meetup Organizer
  3. Professional Skills
    Cost Effective, Organized, Technically Solid, and Effective Communicator with Excellent Writing and Training Skills
  4. HR Skills
    Ensures Corporate Policies, Procedures & Report Structures are followed per Executive Management & Hiring Management Direction
Competitive Spaces
LinkedIn InMail & Groups, Meetup Groups, Area Organizations like Hacker Dojo, AIRS Certificate, Boolean Strings
Network via Twitter, Facebook, Meetups, Hackathons, Training Classes & Speaker Series + 74K+ Personal Database
Connect with Alumni, Professors and Organizations – Initiated Big Data Software Classes at Client Site
Prior Bay Area Software Engineer (BASE) Meetup & EdTech Direct 2 Consumer (D2C) NYC Meetup Organizer
My Clients
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M DeChene is a Talent Professional with full-cycle US and Global Talent Recruiting experience supporting various industries, including recruiting for roles in UX/UI Design, Media, Digital, and and Mobile Apps - with a core of research in Engineering.  She has supported a variety of Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Quality Assurance, and Finance recruiting endeavors, including Executive searches.  Michelle has strong Project Management and Vendor Management skills and a pure passion for Recruiting and a love of people overall.
Michelle has been successful at Executive Recruitment and Client onsite and offsite Recruiting for startups, acquisitions, academia, and non-profit organizations.  Michelle has extensive research and sourcing skills and she's Advanced Internet Recruitment (AIRS) certified.  Being social media savvy and experienced at building out a solid recruiting strategy per title with Executives and Hiring Managers alike.  Overall, she's organized, cost-effective, and timely.
M DeChene has been successful at creating new Talent Networks and being a Brand Ambassador for clients via Meetups, Branding Events, and technical training sessions while networking with various nearby organizations, professors, college alumni, and the community.
She is very creative in Sourcing and building out a recruiting strategy per role.  She starts with understanding the client's culture and talking to individual Hiring Managers during Intake 1:1 meetings, connecting with them via their Social Networks and LinkedIn, and updating them weekly with ATS and Excel Candidate Reports.  Then, after confirming the strategy and approach, she builds out the sourcing strategy per title.  Michelle sources candidates via standard job boards like Indeed.com, Monster, LinkedIn, and Dice and then sources via specific boards like Mediabistro – Coroflot, iXDA for Design and Media roles and other boards like Connectifier, 360social, Prophet, Stackoverflow + TechFetch for technical roles.  She also connects to area colleges and post roles for Alumni and then very specific colleges for Design roles like Parsons School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, San Francisco Art University, Academy of Art University, etc.  Plus, she is AIRS trained for Advanced Boolean string search and she is trained to source on the Internet for qualified and diverse candidate research.
M DeChene strongly believes in ensuring diversity is part of each search and she connects with various area groups and communities via Meetup Groups.  Plus, she reaches out to broaden a search to include those from specific demographics like for the Hispanic community she connects at SXSW and LULAC.
You can view a YouTube Video of a Meetup group that she organized in New York City to build out a Consumer Brand Team and recruit for Talent.  https://youtu.be/JFom-KigBDg Michelle was also the Bay Area Software Engineering (BASE) Meetup organizer for several years.
One strategy Michelle models after and follows is the  Michael Porter’s Cluster Theory. Her process is to take a 50-miles radius and locate other competitors, educators/college institutions, organizations like the Hacker Dojo in SIlicon Valley that has continual educational classes available for professionals, etc. to connect for geographic concentrations of interconnected companies and institutions in a particular field.
What's her Passion outside of the recruiting toolbox?  She has a passion for  Bees, Energy,  Water, Dancing, Running, Tennis, Basketball, Gardens, Chocolate, Cooking, Reading, and Sustainability projects.
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Michelle DeChene - Talent, Research & Career Professional
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